Trellis Metallic Systems

Using “ROWINE” system in growing vines, nowadays cultivated in a large number of types and varieties, brings to the vine growers ease and operating control.

The metallic system for support and trellising vineyardsROWINE”, reaches an average exploitation duration of 30-35 years, making the crops more vigorous, uniform, healthy, productive and they gain longevity.
ROWINE meets all the demands of modern viticulture and, in addition, generates the following advantages: optimum behavior in exploitation and durability in time;  soil compatibility; resistance, even in poor weather conditions (wind, abundant snow, rain, drought, hail, strong frosts, extreme temperatures, etc.); improving the living environment of vineyards;  increasing the quality and quantity of the harvest;  reduction of maintenance costs of plantations; optimizing the performance of (manual and mechanized) vine works; reducing the repair works performed on damaged parts & increasing the resistance against the action of climatic factors.